Monday, May 19, 2014

Less Closing Dolly, Mass Forced district head and Glens Signature

Eight protesters representation from labor activists and workers Dolly managed to excite regret and disappointment in negotiation with at Glens Putat Jaya district head Palle , Monday ( 19/05/2014 ) .

This reason , the office refused to sign a statement of support staff Dolly attitude in rejecting closure .

Some delegates even had the opportunity to move and groove to the table camat urging them to sign seven- point demands , but both refused.

"No , this is not my authority . I will only help convey this claim to the Capital city mayor , " said Palle Muslikh district head .
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Seven claims , among others, rejected the closure Dolly , stop all forms of intimidation to Dolly citizens , demanding money embezzlement investigation indicate the country in the closing localization , as well as demanding the making of an umbrella law to protect the localization region .

Adu managed tension accompanied argument occurred between the two sides , until finally , valleys and camat agree to support all efforts of local people penyejahteraan localization .

The statement was read by the Glens finally Putat Jaya Bambang Hartono , who eventually dissolve mass action .

Demonstration rejects closure Dolly Dolly performed by employees of commercial sex workers ( PSK ) , pimps , localization traders joined in Localization Workers Front ( FPL ) , to the number of elements of labor activists and a number of community organizations .

They start the action from Dolly alley , then walk to the front office Putat Jaya subdistrict location not far from the Gang Dolly .


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