Monday, March 31, 2014

Heart in Outer Space Astronauts rounded

Being on a low -gravity conditions brought about changes in the human body . The results of the study on 12 astronauts showed their heart shapes tend to be rounded due to the low gravity conditions in space for a long time . As a result , they are more at risk of heart problems on his return to earth .

Research report presented in the Annual Scientific Sessions of the American College of Cardiology 63rd in Washington , the United States said space mission with a duration of 18 months or more affect cardiovascular health of astronauts . " The heart does not work normally in space that causes a lot of loss of muscle mass , " says James Thomas , Head of the Cardiovascular Imaging and Principal Investigator for Ultrasound in the United States Space Agency ( NASA ) . (see also: waptrick)

The astronauts are trained to take on the image of their heart using an ultrasound machine while on the International Space Station . The result , while in space , the astronauts look rounded heart . These results are consistent with the predictions of previous researchers who use mathematical models of computation . This report is also a comparison with a common cardiovascular condition of man on earth .

Heart conditions in space signifies round these parts work is not efficient . However, the long -term effects of changes in the shape it is not yet known . However rounded heart condition that is estimated to be temporary . Heart shape will return to normal after adapting to Earth's gravity . "The changes we observed in astronauts almost similar , " said Thomas , as quoted by ScienceDaily , March 29, 2014 . " We sure could use this model for healthcare applications on earth . "

Experts agree that proper training for astronauts to keep his heart condition could determine the safety and security of their space missions . Exercises developed for astronauts also be used in people with limited movement , such as patients who have to lie in bed for a long time because of heart problems .
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Space missions are known to cause effects on the cardiovascular system . Generally , when it returned to Earth , astronauts may experience dizziness or fainting . This condition is called orthostatic hypotension , in which the blood pressure suddenly dropped when a person stands .

Other health problems such as arrhythmia, or abnormal heartbeat rhythms also haunt astronauts . Radiation hazards faced by astronauts also increase the risk of atherosclerosis or arterial blockage in the blood .

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bird Data, Megapodius bernsteinii

Measuring 30 cm. Very dark brown; legs orange.

Other information
Latin Name: Megapodius bernsteinii
English name: Sula Megapode
Indonesian Name: Burnt stake
Altitude: 0-450 m
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Ekstralimital: -
Endemic: Sulawesi
Indonesian endemic: Yes
Regional Distribution: Sulawesi
IUCN Status: VU
Status Year: 2012
Type Protected: Yes
Birds Limited Distribution: Not
Shape Description: Measuring 30 cm. Very dark brown; legs orange.
Sound description: -
Habits: -

Spreading Global: Endemic in Sulawesi subregion and Kep. Sula: Kep. Banggai (Peleng, Bangkalan, Bangkalan Pauno, Banggai, Labobo, Bangkurung, Small Tumbak, Konkudang, Kep. Bowokan); Kep. Sula (Taliabu, Seho, Mangole).  (see also: vitamin burung)
Local deployment: Taliabu and Seho
Habitat: Common and widespread. Tetapu locally isolated in Taliabu and Seho. From sea level to an altitude of about 450 m (Kepmendagri Banggai) and approximately 250 m (Kepmendagri Sula).


Friday, March 7, 2014

Network Biology, Animal Network, Human and Plant

Networks in biology which is a set of cells that have the same form as well as benefits . Networks are not as able to work together for the benefit of the same form of organ physiology . Networks studied in the branch of biology that are named histology , but the branch of biology that changes in form and learn the benefits of networking in conjunction DNG disease is histopathology .(see also: pakan burung)

Network owned by organisms that already have the division of tasks for each and every group of cells. Bertalus organisms , like algae ( algae ) and fungi ( mushrooms ) , do not have different networks , even though they may form similar structures typical of organs , like the fruit body and Sporophore . Moss plants may be mentioned that the network already has a clear , even though he does not have any clear cut vascular tissue .

Various Animal and Human Network
There are four basic groups that form a network throughout the body of animals , including the human body as well as low-level multicellular organisms like arthropods : epithelial tissue , connective tissue , tissue advocates , as well as neural networks .

The epithelium tissue .
Arrangement of tissues which are prepared by cells that line the surface of organs like the skin surface . This network plays the organ that makes protection overlaid , as well as the absorption of the secretion organs .

Epithelial tissue is composed of 3 types :

1 . Eksotelium : epithelium that wrap around the outside of the body
2 . Endothelium : the epithelium that lines the organs inside the body
3 . Mesothelium : epithelium that restricts the body cavity

Benefits of Network epithelium
a. Absorption , for example in the intestines that absorb food juices
b . Secretion , which secrete a metaphor testicular sperm
c . Excretion , diaphoretic skin
d . Transportation , regulates the osmotic pressure in the body
e . Protection , protection of the skin makes the body tissue beneath
f . Recipients stimuli , skin that respond to external stimuli
g . Breathing , frog skin acts as a respiratory
h . Locomotor , membrane frog legs on the skin helps in movement
i . Regulate body temperature , skin regulates body temperature eluarkan sweat when the body overheats

Fastener Network .
Suitable name suggests, connective tissue and tissue binding role For organ . Parable of the network is a network of blood .

Muscle tissue .
Muscle tissue is divided into three equal groups namely the muscles that are not slippery which can be found in the organs inside the body , striated muscle that can be found in the framework of the body , and the heart muscle that can be found in the heart .

Neural Networks .
For a network that is a role that regulate the activities of organs and muscles as well as receive, and continued stimulation .

advocates network
That network which consists of cartilage tissue and bone tissue which acts For given body form , making protection of the body , and strengthen the body form

Plant tissue is relatively more homogeneous than in animal tissues . Plants do not have the power of locomotion ( switch ) / move the active way as animals . While so , a lot of some newly formed cells to various tissues as compensation For some number of cells that die , as passive because some cells act as a back up power storage ( for example, in fruit or tubers ) or secondary metabolites , as well as the contents of the new network due For always plants become more mass , especially for annual plants . Network that actively proliferate and do not have the special benefit called meristematic tissue , tissue that has been steady for a moment DNG benefits network called fixed / permanent .

meristematic tissue
Meristematic tissue composed of several cell meristem , an analogue of some stem cells ( stem cells ) animals . This network can be found at growing points at the end of the stem and roots ( called apical meristems / end / apical ) , under bark ( cambium or cork cambium as vessels , called meristems edge / lateral ) , and the edge ' > on the side of roads or book , and at the base of the leaf stalk ( meristem between / interkalar ) . This network , especially meristem tip , easily induced For propagated by in vitro . In the jargon of tissue culture , the cells mentioned some embryonic form ( can form an embryo ) . Meristematic tissue is also formed if there is an open sides of the plant , for example due to the injured . Partial mobilization phytohormones , auxin and cytokinin in general , can lead to the formation of some of the meristem cells that form a kind of network which is called undifferentiated callus .

Permanent network
Permanent networks are categorized into three main groups : the epidermis ( protective tissue , consisting of a few cells that compose the arrangement of outer leaves and plant parts that keep the young ) , the network carrier ( xylem and phloem construct ) , as well as the basic network ( including parenchyma , klorenkim , kolenkim , and sklerenkim ) .

Protection of the epidermis make up the organs of touch in DNG immediately impact the situation outside the organ . The epidermis can be covered by the arrangement are not thick on the outside which is known as the cuticle . Can also be found night arrangement ( wax ) . Some epidermal cells generally form four side when viewed from the side , lined homogeneous . But so , naturally epidermal turnover may be some cover cells or stomatal guard cells and their partial neighboring cells , trichomes ( hair miang or leaves / stems ) , spines , hair and glands .

Network carrier owned by vascular plant ( tracheophyta ) . Gymnosperms have trakeida network , trakeida fibers , and wood as a constituent of xylem parenchyma . Angiosperms have additional tracheal tissue not only network who owned gymnosperms . Phloem ( vascular filter ) filter rod is composed of a network as well as some cell accompaniment . (see also: pakan burung kenari)

Network compiled some great basic body plant ( biomass ) . This networking group has a lot of benefits he relies area there . Often he filled the largest side of the organ , preparing meat fruit , bark , tubers or rhizomes contents that put starch or specific secondary metabolites ( alkaloids and terpenoids like ) . This network can also browse the natural death of cells osongkan to forge a hollow arrangement ( aerenkim ) in the area like a bubble on water hyacinth leaf stalks or bamboo reeds inside the cavity .


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

SBY Suffer Postpower Syndrome

JAKARTA - Formation Group D Paspampres to escort the former president and vice president, was considered excessive. Political observers, Boni Hargens rate, splitting the group Paspampres form of fear Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY).
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"It's unnatural and a form of fear SBY because postpower syndrome," Boni said the Okezone, Wednesday (05/03/2014).

According to him, the President was afraid after stepping down from the post of the President, will be a lot of distractions to him. "That's syndrome usually the people who have ruled and the maximum security for so long," he explained.

Insecurity, he added, could give birth to an authoritarian regime. Boni said, the post of president of the temporal. After completion of his term will be ordinary citizens.
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"So, there is no basis for the existence of privilege. SBY hungry with honor, made ​​him want to always be respected despite not president," he concluded.