Tuesday, April 22, 2014

KPK searched , Management PT Quadra Silent

PT Quadra Solution Management , choose close access related media searches conducted by the Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) in his office , Jalan HR Rasuna Said , Kuningan , South Jakarta .

" We can notice from baseball management let go in addition to the Commission , " said an employee of PT Quadra in location searches , Tuesday ( 04/22/2014 ) night .
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This bespectacled man called on all parties concerned not to leave the office area of PT Quadra . Situation office located on the 7th floor that looks are still some employees who are still waiting for the shakedown completed KPK investigators .

" Please wait outside , " he said .

PT Quadra currently approximately 20:00 pm , KPK investigators being searched , alleged corruption cases related to procurement project package Electronic Identity Card ( e-ID ) that has ensnared Committing Officer ( CO ) of e - ID card project in the Ministry of Home Affairs , Sugiharto .

Known KPK investigators searched the office to collect evidence of the project worth Rp 6 trillion .

In this case , the Commission is moving quickly after a set Sugiharto as a suspect , immediately perform a search in several places . Among them , in the Ministry of Home Affairs office in Kalibata , South Jakarta , and PT Quadra Solution .

Sugiharto named as a suspect in the projects of the 2011-2012 budget ceiling Rp 6 trillion . Where , he acted as KDP . In the Ministry of Internal Affairs , he served as Director of the Population Administration Information Management Directorate Ministry of Internal Affairs dept .

For his actions , Sugiharto alleged breach of Article 2 paragraph 1 of Article 3 subsidiary Law No. 31 Year 1999 on Eradication of Corruption , as amended by Act No. 20 of 2001 in conjunction with Article 55 to Article 64 jo - 1 - 1 to the Criminal Code .


Monday, April 21, 2014

Not Google, Who Own Domain "Andro.id"​​?

Registration of internet domain names ending in . Ids , or popularly called " Apapun.id , " which prioritized the brand holder ( Sunrise Period ) expired on 17 April 2014 .

There are eight domain name disputes and contested by the holder of the brand in Indonesia , including the domain ' andro.id . '

Domain name disputes ending . Ids occurs if there are two or more parties that register the same domain name .

Internet Domain Name Management Indonesia ( Pandi ) sengeketa completed by holding the auction . Parties who submit the highest bid , the right to use the disputed domain name .

Chairman Pandi for Socialization and Communication , Sigit Widodo explained , there are two parties who registered the domain " andro.id " ​​. However , the internet company Google does not include those who registered the domain name .

Domain " andro.id " ​​won by a man named Andy Hidayat of PT Wellgrow Investment . He made ​​an offer of Rp 14 million , and those who become competitors do not offer a price match again .

Previously , many people suspect Google will register a domain name andro.id in Indonesia . Because , if the domain name is read directly so reads " Android " is synonymous with the brand 's mobile operating system developed by Google .

At Sunrise period , Pandi recorded eight cases ending in internet domain name disputes . Ids , ie bcainsurance.id , bola.id , hotel.id , indoglobal.id , jobs.id , tiket.id , toto.id , and andro.id .

" Domains are auctioned with the highest price is toto.id , amounting to Rp 57 million , which was won by Tony Suryanto of PT Surya Toto Indonesia , " Sigit said when contacted KompasTekno some time ago .

More than 1,000 domain names registered on Sunrise Period from January 20, 2014 , there are 807 domain names ending in . Ids approved by Pandi .

Sigit said , quite a lot of applications that are not approved because it does not have a brand certificate or proof of registration of the brand name Kekayanan Property Rights Directorate , Ministry of Justice and Human Rights .
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After this , from 21 April will be implemented Grandfather period until June 13, 2014 . 's A priority registration period of the domain " Apapun.id " ​​to the owner of the Domain Level Two ( DTD ) . Ids , such as the owner of the domain co.id , net.id , biz . id , web.id , or.id , my.id , sch.id , ac.id , go.id , mil.id , and desa.id.


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Anniversary of UNCTAD , the Ministry of Trade Discuss Important Issues for Global Development

Ministry of Commerce ( Ministry of Trade ) to follow up the issues of global development after 2015 . Kemendag himself working with the Foreign Kementeruan by organizing a symposium with the theme of Trade as an Engine of Sustainable Growht and Development . Meanwhile , the activities to celebrate the anniversary of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development ( UNCTAD ) 50th .

Deputy Trade Minister ( Deputy Minister of Trade ) Krisnamurthi said , this symposium addresses an important role in stimulating the growth of international trade , development , and job creation .

" The independence of causes global trade flows become more active , competitive , and intensify linkages supply chain and production in one country to another , " said Bayu at Hotel Borobudur , Jakarta , Monday ( 21/04/2014 ) .
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Bayu continue , this symposium also aims as a function revitalization of UNCTAD in providing assistance and support to developing countries to be able to derive maximum benefit from the international trade fair and sustainable .

" The increase in the intensity of global value chains ( GVCs ) should be encouraged to provide more benefits strengthen the national economy , " he added .

According to Bayu , UNCTAD 's success in helping to organize an international trading system that is more equitable and sustainable , will open the hope for developing countries to improve trade activities spur growth , development , and job creators .

Therefore , continued Bayu , developing countries can improve their bargaining position Adar can be benefited in international trade . In addition , the use of GVCs in the symposium also mengiring participation of SMEs in international trade . Therefore , SMEs in Indonesia alone account for 90 percent of business groups which contributed 57 percent to the gross domestic product ( GDP ) in 2013.

" We need to encourage SMEs readiness berkembangan state to enter the markets of developed countries as well as utilize the shifting patterns of production , investment and trade to their own markets in developing countries , " he concluded .


Friday, April 18, 2014

Peru evacuate 4,000 residents who live near Mount Ubinas

Government of Peru , Thursday ( 17/4 ) , began evacuating about 4,000 residents of nearby volcano Ubinas , after detecting an increase in volcanic activity .

Network news Peru , RPP stated the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Juan Manuel Baniter departed from Lima towards Arequipa , the second largest city in the country, to oversee the evacuation process .

The minister said it would take three days to complete the evacuation procedure .

The evacuation process includes transporting 39,000 cattle to safety , said Baniter to that network .

Residents " are no longer willing to separate themselves from their property " because in recent years , when local residents were forced to leave their cattle for a long time , " they suffered a great loss ," he added .

The volcano blew smoke and dust , with an altitude of 4,800 meters bursts , and cause vibration , so the government decided to announce alerts and move residents into temporary shelters .
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Ubinas Volcano , which is located 1,200 kilometers south of the Peruvian capital , Lima , Moquegua Region , is currently the most active volcano in the country .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hundreds of Police Ready to Secure the Easter Mass at the Cathedral Church

JAKARTA - Jakarta Metro Police Central Police assisted Sawah Besar held a series of security ahead of the Easter Mass in the Cathedral today .

" Easter Mass held four times each at 08.00 am , 17.00 pm , 19.00 am and 21.00 pm , " said police chief Sawah Besar , Commissioner Shinto Wata the Okezone , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Shinto estimates the number of churches on Easter Mass as much as two and three 4000-5000 people . Safeguard is supported by a series of Easter as much as the amount of the retrofitting of 466 personnel , including members of the Jakarta Police bomb squad Jibom .
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" It consists of 10 members Jibom Jakarta Police bomb squad , 150 members of the Jakarta Police , 50 members of the Police Central Jakarta , 30 members of the Police Sawah Besar , 26 Traffic PMJ , 15 Koramil Sawah Besar and so forth , " he explained .

According to him , the placement of the security personnel assigned to the 18 point safety both within the church and outside the area of ​​the church area .

" Starting from Bull Field to fork clean city monument and fence along Church Cathedral , as well as pockets of parked vehicles that will carry out the Church Easter Mass , " he explained .

He also appealed , for the church is not allowed to bring a vehicle parked on the side of the road along Church Cathedral , as already prepared the parking pockets are on page Istiqlal Mosque , Santa Ursula High School page , the Post Office page , Banteng and Ang Defender page Army .

" We will also conduct sterilization for the church at the main entrance by using a metal detector , the congregation is expected to bring only essential items to expedite the review process , " he said .

For congregations who use public transport in order not to stop at along the way , but be prepared in front of the Cathedral of Bull Field overlooking the front office or the Religious Affairs Ministry of Post and then walk to the Cathedral .

" Finally we urge the public to avoid streets around the Cathedral Church of the afternoon until the evening , as prone to traffic jams , " he concluded .


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Embassy in Seoul Can Ensure There are citizens in the South Ferry

Consular officials of the Embassy Seoul , South Korea , Didik Eko Pujianto , yet obtain information on whether there are citizens in Sewol Ferry that sank on Wednesday morning , 16 April 2014 at 20 kilometers from the southern part of the island Byungpoong .

Contacted headline on Wednesday night , calling Educate until now still trying to obtain information about the existence of citizens in Jeju Island ferry 's destination .

" We still have not confirmed whether there are citizens in the ship , because so far rescue teams are still concentrating to rescue passengers still at sea and declared lost , " said Didik .
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From the information thus obtained Educate while , it was discovered that there were four foreign nationals . Two Filipino citizen , a citizen of Russia , and the rest still can be identified .

South Korean Police continue to investigate in accordance with the existing data on the ship manifest . " Until now many as 284 people remain missing . Most passengers are high school students who want a vacation to Jeju Island , " said Didik .

They departed from Incheon , he added . Asked about the possible causes of the ship could sink , Educate stated by the report while the ship weighing 6,825 tons was likely struck a rock , because the waters are traversed quite low .

He also mentioned that this is a huge disaster in the South , because hundreds of people drowned in the ferry .


New Government Should Maintain Economic Growth

Chief Economist of Citigroup Global Markets Asia Pacific Asia Johanna Chua said monetary and fiscal policies taken by the government in the pre election 2014 is good enough . Policy impact were already visible .

Johanna took the example of the efforts of Bank Indonesia ( BI ) is consistent in its policies keep the exchange rate and the current account deficit to maintain a reasonably safe level . As the impact of policies related to the current account deficit , he said , is the risk of economic slowdown .

" To maintain the current account deficit , then the required deceleration . Transactions running at the level that is sustainable . We predict the current account deficit reached 2.5 percent of gross domestic product ( GDP ) in 2014 , " Johanna said in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 16 / 4/2014 ) .

Johanna looked , indeed the central bank is more focused on maintaining the current account deficit . While the subsidy reform policy of fuel oil ( BBM ) will not be enforced according to the 2014 's .

" The important thing now is to keep growing , " says Johanna .

Elected leader election results ( election ) later seen Johanna has a series of important tasks , to maintain economic growth in Indonesia .

" First , ( policy -related ) subsidies. Secondly , related to the post of vice -president post . 's Important because it takes someone who can push policy to digolkan in the House . Subsequently , a new leader must be able to choose the right person to be placed on economic minister posts important , "said Johanna .
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Johanna said it predicts Indonesia's economic growth stood at 5.3 percent in 2014 . The current account deficit is predicted to be in the range of 2 to 2.5 percent of GDP in 2014 .