Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CT: When the Government Has No Money, Do not Arrogant ..

Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Chairul Tanjung ( CT ) said , employers will listen to all complaints . The problems that can be solved in the next 5 months , the origin does not violate the Act , will it speed up .

CT says , will give a greater role , the entrepreneurs , the main national private , to build the economy . " My term , if the government does not have money , do not be arrogant , " said CT , in the ATC , Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) .
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Entrepreneurs who have businesses leaving office after serving as coordinating explained , the percentage of government budgets in the economic development of increasingly thinner .

This is where , he said , required a greater role of the entrepreneur . He said , pengusha could consist of state-owned enterprises , private entrepreneurs , national and foreign private ( foreign direct investment ) .

With the need for greater private role , it is necessary to transform the government regulation . " So be strong in the hands of government regulation , so that national private , state , and foreign private diperansertakan it can leverage," said CT .

CT sure , will speed regulation can encourage entrepreneurs , to the extent not violate the Act . He did not reject being called sell out " signature " .


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