Saturday, May 3, 2014

Passenger Trains in Cirebon station Queued Free Will, Why?

The passenger train ( railway ) station in Cirebon Kejaksan , can now more easily obtain tickets for train travel . Because the ticket printing machines are now available independently ( CTM ) .

'' CTM is similar ATMs ( automatic teller machines ) , '' said Public Relations Manager of PT KAI Daop III Cirebon , Suprapto , Saturday ( 3/5 ) .
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Suprapto explained , for the service ticket , can be accessed through the online ticketing service , Alfamart , Indomart and web site . The service will provide a booking code that can be paid to the various banking channels such as ATM .

Furthermore , when it is paid , will be provided following receipt of payment pembanyarannya code . The payment code selanjutmya be exchanged for tickets through the CTM engine .

'' The train service users can print the ticket yourself , without the need to counter , '' firmly Suprapto .

Suprapto added , the CTM machine newly launched in Cirebon station Kejaksan today . In addition to further provide convenience to the users of railway services in getting the ticket , CTM engine presence also in order to deal with transport widths .


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