Thursday, May 1, 2014

BPPTKG Stomach Gas Activity Monitor Merapi

Research and Geological Disaster Investigation Technology ( BPPTKG ) Yogyakarta to monitor the activity of the gas in the stomach Merapi . For, after the ascension into alert status of Merapi activity on Tuesday ( 29/4 ) last night , the activity of the Merapi flatulence higher.

" A voice booms from the observation post Babada , yesterday afternoon (Wednesday ) sound continuously as much as 24 times more than the previous day . This proves that the activity of Merapi gas is high enough , " said Chief BPPTKG Yogyakarta , Subandriyo , Thursday ( 1/5 ) .
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The thumping sound he thought , because there brings gas turbulence and volcanic material hit the wall Merapi so terdengan voice boomed .
Thump it thinks it does not sound at all Merapi observation post . Most often heard the sound of the boom in the watchlist Post Babadan .

Although the activity of Merapi flatulence higher but solfatara smoke issued from the bowels of the mountain is still weak . " The above system ( dome ) is not closed so the smoke out . We continue to monitor whether there is an increase or decrease of activity continues , " he said .

Flatulence activity was monitored Merapi seriously because , this time accompanied by seismic activity of Merapi is not high frequency or HF . Earthquake HF is used as a sign of movement Merapi magma to the surface .
Currently at Merapi only low frequency earthquakes or LF . " The difference with 2010 and then the earthquake happened intensive HF indicates the movement of magma to the surface . If it is now high gas activity but no HF and no deformation of the earthquake , " he said .

BPPTKG worry , if high gas activity is also accompanied by magma activity beneath it . Therefore the activity of Merapi gas is monitored intensively .

Since 2010, Merapi has issued 10 minor eruptions in the form of gas and materiaal without the accompanied sign - HF tandaa earthquake . Although the scale of the eruption only 1 or only dangerous in a radius of 1 kilometer from the peak of Merapi but it remains wary of flatulence activity of Merapi .


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