Thursday, May 22, 2014

Al-Shabaab: We Move War to Kenya

Somali militant group , Al - Shabaab , Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) , said the war moved to Kenya . This statement of one of the commanders of Al - Shabaab as he ordered his fighters to launch attacks .

" The war will move to Kenya , if they killed a Somali girl , then we kill Kenyan girl , " said one senior commander of Al - Shabaab , Fuad Mohamed Khalaf , in a radio broadcast .

" We call on all Muslims in Kenya to fight the Kenyan Government , because the Government of Kenya killed our relatives , including children , " Khalaf added .
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Kenyan military crossed the border of Somalia in 2011 to fight Al - Shabaab . Later , Kenya joined the 22,000 African Union troops who helped Somalia's government fight al - Shabaab .

This week , fighter jets that are believed to belong to demolish the Kenya Air Force bases Shabaab as part of a military operation to suppress the militant group .

" When soldiers and their warplanes killed your brothers , God permitting retaliation , we will fight Kenya , " said Khalaf , who is regarded as the number two of Al - Shabaab after Ahmed Abdi Godane .

Khalaf continued , al - Shabaab fighters currently train and determined to send them to conduct attacks inside Kenyan territory .

" We 've trained a lot of people and they are going to attack Kenya . More and more people are going to be sent , " Khalaf warned .

Fuad Mohamed Khalaf is one of the most sought after , even the U.S. Government promising money 5 million dollars for anyone who gives information where Khalaf who has dual nationality , namely Somalia and Sweden .

Khalaf , who the U.S. believed also been fundraising , said to have lived for more than a decade in Stockholm , Sweden .


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