Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Embassy in Seoul Can Ensure There are citizens in the South Ferry

Consular officials of the Embassy Seoul , South Korea , Didik Eko Pujianto , yet obtain information on whether there are citizens in Sewol Ferry that sank on Wednesday morning , 16 April 2014 at 20 kilometers from the southern part of the island Byungpoong .

Contacted headline on Wednesday night , calling Educate until now still trying to obtain information about the existence of citizens in Jeju Island ferry 's destination .

" We still have not confirmed whether there are citizens in the ship , because so far rescue teams are still concentrating to rescue passengers still at sea and declared lost , " said Didik .
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From the information thus obtained Educate while , it was discovered that there were four foreign nationals . Two Filipino citizen , a citizen of Russia , and the rest still can be identified .

South Korean Police continue to investigate in accordance with the existing data on the ship manifest . " Until now many as 284 people remain missing . Most passengers are high school students who want a vacation to Jeju Island , " said Didik .

They departed from Incheon , he added . Asked about the possible causes of the ship could sink , Educate stated by the report while the ship weighing 6,825 tons was likely struck a rock , because the waters are traversed quite low .

He also mentioned that this is a huge disaster in the South , because hundreds of people drowned in the ferry .


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