Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hundreds of Police Ready to Secure the Easter Mass at the Cathedral Church

JAKARTA - Jakarta Metro Police Central Police assisted Sawah Besar held a series of security ahead of the Easter Mass in the Cathedral today .

" Easter Mass held four times each at 08.00 am , 17.00 pm , 19.00 am and 21.00 pm , " said police chief Sawah Besar , Commissioner Shinto Wata the Okezone , Thursday ( 17/04/2014 ) .

Shinto estimates the number of churches on Easter Mass as much as two and three 4000-5000 people . Safeguard is supported by a series of Easter as much as the amount of the retrofitting of 466 personnel , including members of the Jakarta Police bomb squad Jibom .
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" It consists of 10 members Jibom Jakarta Police bomb squad , 150 members of the Jakarta Police , 50 members of the Police Central Jakarta , 30 members of the Police Sawah Besar , 26 Traffic PMJ , 15 Koramil Sawah Besar and so forth , " he explained .

According to him , the placement of the security personnel assigned to the 18 point safety both within the church and outside the area of ​​the church area .

" Starting from Bull Field to fork clean city monument and fence along Church Cathedral , as well as pockets of parked vehicles that will carry out the Church Easter Mass , " he explained .

He also appealed , for the church is not allowed to bring a vehicle parked on the side of the road along Church Cathedral , as already prepared the parking pockets are on page Istiqlal Mosque , Santa Ursula High School page , the Post Office page , Banteng and Ang Defender page Army .

" We will also conduct sterilization for the church at the main entrance by using a metal detector , the congregation is expected to bring only essential items to expedite the review process , " he said .

For congregations who use public transport in order not to stop at along the way , but be prepared in front of the Cathedral of Bull Field overlooking the front office or the Religious Affairs Ministry of Post and then walk to the Cathedral .

" Finally we urge the public to avoid streets around the Cathedral Church of the afternoon until the evening , as prone to traffic jams , " he concluded .


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