Saturday, April 12, 2014

Garmin Edition Smartphones, Digital Map Application For Sony SmartWatch 2

Not only bring a GPS device , Garmin also recently introduced a new application called Garmin GPS Xperia Edition . As the name implies , this device can be connected to the smart Sony Smartwatch 2 hours .

With Garmin 's latest application , allowing for users of Sony smart clock has a digital map that can be displayed on -screen smart clock that provides convenience in traveling .

Application for Sony Smartwatch 2 will be available for download via Google Play . To connect a Bluetooth connection is needed that will give you the look of the Xperia Garmin or Navigon for Android App . This means , Smartwatch 2 can be used in addition to smartphones Sony .
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SmartWatch 2 will menampilakn map , the last position and the route that the user with the ability to use the zoom to see the details of your position .
In addition , with Garmin Xperia Edition allows users to have premium features such as travel maps , onboard maps and traffic information . Fun again , with this application will give you a variety of interesting places are visited , as well as sharing your journey via Glympse .

There is also a full drive navigation with live traffic , 3D map views and speed driving . Applications made ​​by Garmin is rumored to be available starting in March 2014. And to have this application , users will get it for free for 1 month first , then the user must spend about $ 2.95 USD .


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