Friday, April 18, 2014

Peru evacuate 4,000 residents who live near Mount Ubinas

Government of Peru , Thursday ( 17/4 ) , began evacuating about 4,000 residents of nearby volcano Ubinas , after detecting an increase in volcanic activity .

Network news Peru , RPP stated the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation Juan Manuel Baniter departed from Lima towards Arequipa , the second largest city in the country, to oversee the evacuation process .

The minister said it would take three days to complete the evacuation procedure .

The evacuation process includes transporting 39,000 cattle to safety , said Baniter to that network .

Residents " are no longer willing to separate themselves from their property " because in recent years , when local residents were forced to leave their cattle for a long time , " they suffered a great loss ," he added .

The volcano blew smoke and dust , with an altitude of 4,800 meters bursts , and cause vibration , so the government decided to announce alerts and move residents into temporary shelters .
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Ubinas Volcano , which is located 1,200 kilometers south of the Peruvian capital , Lima , Moquegua Region , is currently the most active volcano in the country .


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