Saturday, April 26, 2014

Obama to South Korea , North Korea Announce Arrest U.S. Tourists
North Korea ( North Korea ) arrested a 24- year -old tourist from the United States . He sued for allegedly acting ' rough ' on immigration .

North Korean news agency , KCNA reported, a U.S. citizen named ' Matthew Todd Miller ' detained since 10 April 2014 . " Because rough behavior when undergoing a formal procedure for entering North Korea , " the statement quoted from the BBC , Saturday ( 26 / 4/2014 ) .
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News of the arrest was released as President Barack Obama held a meeting with South Korean leaders in Seoul .

KCNA reported, Todd ripped tourist visa , shouting that he " came to the DPRK ( Democratic People's Republic of Korea ) as chose it as a place to seek refuge . "

KCNA said the action was considered ' gross violations ' in the Act in North Korea , but did not mention the reason why it took 2 weeks to announce it . And why would coincide with the time of Obama's visit .

The U.S. has no diplomatic relations with North Korea . Problems related U.S. will be taken care WN Sweden . Uncle Sam's party said it took seriously the report and will contact the Embassy of Sweden .

North Korea is still detain U.S. missionary Kenneth Bae Korean descent , who was arrested in November 2012 .

He was sentenced to 15 years hard labor after being convicted of trying to overthrow the government . Washington's efforts to liberate Bae has not succeeded .

U.S. President Obama has previously said the U.S. stands " shoulder to shoulder " with South Korea face of North Korean provocations .

Obama's remarks came after talks with South Korean leader Park Geun - hye .


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